Double - X Speedway Online Classifieds Help

Step 1. Click Place an Ad
Step 2. Select the Category that you want your ad to appear under. Then click Continue
Step 3. Click on the Select This Package Button
Step 4. Fill in the Listing Details Form and select whether or not you want the extra features, The click Continue
Step 5.
If you don't want to upload any pictures the click the Skip This Step Button. If you do want to upload pictures, fill out the Image Title, browse for your slected picture that you want to upload, after the upload finishes, you can either click the Add Image Button to add another picture (you may add up to 5 pictures total) or if you are finished with pictures then click the Skip This Step Button.
Step 6.
Verify that all information is correct and Click the Continue Button.

 Thats it, your new Ad will show up in the Category you selected in Step 2....

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or need any further help, please use the Contact Button...

Thank You, Double - X Team